Chaayos Is Serving Drool Worthy Lassis & This is Where You Need To Be, This Summer!


To the point: It’s never too cold for a creamy lassi.

Have you tried the new Lassi variants at Chaayos yet? Take your Lassi Love to the next level with this zesty one! ☀️🍹☂️ Chill in these summers with 4 new and exciting flavors of lassi Mint, Strawberry, Mango and Litchi flavours from Chaayos, while digging into your favourite munchies like Chilli Cheese Toast and Egg Bun! 😍


Now that sounds like a great Summer party! 😎 🏖 Chaayos is serving all our old delectable favourites lassis. Which lassi will you pair with your favourite munchies? Strawberry, Mint, Litchi or Mango?

You can order your favourite lassi at

Or visit their nearest outlet!


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