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Are you someone who always keeps a check and is mindful of what you are eating? Are you someone who’s always cut out the desires of having your favorite food? We’ve got you covered with PNUT Fit!

PNUT is your chef, nutritionist, mentor and motivator on your fitness journey. It is India’s only fitness-oriented holistic nutrition provider. They carefully design and deliver your meal plans, keeping in mind who you are and what are your fitness goals keeping in mind your taste buds and liking and disliking. They always succeed in providing you with a healthy lifestyle which is convenient and effortless along with supporting and motivating you throughout your transformation journey.


They strongly believe that balanced nutrition and healthy eating can change your life for good! And the good news is that all of this can be achieved even while having your favorite food (read pizza, pasta etc)! They have developed the healthier versions of such foods and include them in your training plans instead of curbing those desires with the help of star chefs and nutritionists. They’ll soon be resuming with the meal services with a brand new makeover to the meals and it’s preparations.


You can also take care of your health by indulging yourself in The Better Health Bars, The Better Sweetener and Herbal Kombuchas that will keep your gut happy and healthy. The Better Health Bars come in 2 variants – Peanut Butter & Herbal Immunity, that are 100% natural with no added sugar or preservatives.


Their Kombuchas come with effective anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties, that in turn vitalizes your body and helps in boosting the immunity. Packed with 11 herbs and spices, these drinks are power-packed with nature’s best ingredients and are as good as healthy foods!pnut-fit-gurgaon

You can choose from different variants like Hibiscus Lime, Lavender Blue, Citrus Healer, Ginger Lemon Aid, Banta Masala Lemon, Herbal Pineapple Super tea and Herbal Apple Supertea to keep your inner health in a better state! Also, stay tuned for the launch of some exciting Cold Brews, Keto Cookies and Snacks to curb your cravings!

#YouAreWhatYouEat so next time be a little mindful of what you are indulging yourself in and reach out to PNUT for some healthy, tasty meals or your fitness journey!

Contact No. +91 9711 200 190

P.S. Order online and get a minimum 10% discount on all the better stuff products. To order visit their website.

Location: F 59 E, Block F, Sushant Lok 2, Sector 57, Gurugram


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