Need A Pasta & Coffee Break? Head To Pablo The Food Cartel!


Are you a coffee junkie who craves to sip on some nice coffee all day? If yes, then this is just the right place for you! Pablo – The Food Cartel is not just a regular cafe, but heaven for all the coffee lovers, that you definitely need to try!


Pablo – The Food Cartel is brewing hot cups of coffee coming from eight different countries that are Nicaragua, Mexico, Panama, Kenya, Colombia, Brazil, Gungegiri and Ethiopia. With a mix of contemporary and chic interiors, you can relish your favourite cup with some scrumptious Italian and Mexican spreads on sides to dig into!


The cafe’s coffee bar offers a wide range of fresh brews like Macchiato, Caffe Latte, Mocha, Affogato, Americano, Espresso, French Press and many more! You can get hands-on your customised coffee with a touch of your favourite country and flavours.


Looking at the menu, you’ll have plenty of options to pick from – salads, breakfast meals, appetizers, panini and others! The names of each dish are quite unusual and will leave you confused with what to eat because each dish has a different flavour you’ll definitely relish!


You must try the not-so-regular David that’s a no-flour Chicken base pizza with choice of veggies on top, Valentino – the Mushroom Lasagna with spinach and rose sauce is a delight for vegetarians while Bosco – Pablo’s very special Guacamole butter garlic prawns that’s all juicy and fresh! We’re sure you won’t be able to resist any of the dishes and might end up asking for a second serve!


So the next time you’re looking a cafe – scape in Gurugram, you know where to head to!

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Where: Pablo – The Food Cartel, 55, Paras Trinity, Golf Course Extension, Sector 63, Gurugram

Contact No. +917703898007 | +911244284997


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